Misa Mayhem

Ello im Nee-j lets see music is just about my enitre life <3 i love my friends and in this blog is basiclly my whole entire thought process so take a look and tell me how weird i am yaaa thanks homies :D

Helena (Acoustic Cover) by Cody Carson Lead singer of Set It Off omfggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg holy cow ball sacks as a MCR fan for 9 years i can honestly say this is a great cover and it makes me so happy and proud he is a amzing singer and i love set it off THEY ARE A GREAT BAND I LOVEEEEE CODYYYY!!!!!!!!! <333333 LISTEN TO THIS NOW ALL MCR FANS DOOOO IT!!!!


Mornings for girls xD
Galaxy Shoes&lt;333333333333
asdfghjkl&#8230;&#8230;i cant &lt;3
omfgggggg im so dead
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