Misa Mayhem
Sup im Nee-j and im band obsessed music is basically everything i also love food, Cats and Coffee.
Hey im really bad at writing
As I lay in this empty white room time seems to stand still the giant clock on the wall....its teasing me. " click click click" I hear the clock clicking but the hands stand still I stare at the ceiling and start to think about you. Funny thing about the past..... you start out thinking about all the good shit the smiles the laughs that feeling of being free and just completely infinite. But then something happens it all just stops and the dark clouds start to roll in and something inside of you just snaps and in that moment everything you thought you knew dies. You start to think about all the shitty times and those times are all I can remember. Thats how I got here. How you left me here to die drowning gasping for air being slowly butchered by my very own mind. But with every sickening thought about you I fall deeper in love. Trying to fool myself in to thinking I hate you leading a lie down a path of destruction but I can't just turn around I have to keep walking something is telling me to. I know I should stop the pain of these memories is to much to baer. But I cant there all I have left. so I lay in this white room waiting.....waiting for sanity to click back in my head waiting for the clock to start moving.....sad part is I dont think it ever will.